A Message from Minister Carrie Bail (July 8)


My friends:

Sunday, July 3 was a beautiful day in worship. I hope you were as glad to listen as I was to preach. After inviting someone to invite me, I enjoyed companionship for the evening fireworks high above the city. I am very happy to be here with you, in beautiful Burlington.

I’m absorbing as much information as is humanly possible, from individual visits to emails, from technical re-learning of the church computer system to trustees’ meeting. No hardship there: the potluck on Wednesday was delicious. I am eager to meet as many of you as possible, and I am hoping that the deacons will take on the challenge of a few informal summer potluck picnics to make the getting-to-know-you process fun.

The most critical task for all of us to grab hold of is the hiring of a new Children and Youth staff person. Mandy Grace has graciously volunteered to step into the gap as organizer, and is inviting ANYONE who has interest in or input on the job description to come to a gathering at her home this coming week. If you can come, please email Mandy and tell her whether Wednesday, July 13, Thursday, July 14, or Friday, July 15 would work best, and then she’ll pick the day with the greatest turnout.  

Please do not hesitate to stop by and say, “hello”.

Your newbie pastor,

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