Easter Mission and Flower Offering

Donations are invited by our Flower Committee for Easter flowers to decorate the Sanctuary for Easter Sunday, April 16.  Many of these flowers will later be delivered to members and friends who are unable to be at Easter  worship services for health reasons.

The Mission Committee invites donations for the Easter Mission Offering that will be directed toward the vital work of:

Donations made for Easter Flowers and for our Mission Offering for the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative and F.A.R.M. can be made in “honor of” or in “memory of” someone and will be listed in the Easter Sunday “Order of Worship”.

Donation forms are available at Church or you can use the online form linked HERE.

If you are donating to both the Easter Flower and Easter Mission Offerings, we ask that you write separate checks, with a memo on each for the particular offering.  As these offerings go to different bank accounts, this saves much time and therefor resources for the Church.

Thank you so very much.

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