President’s Message: Community Ministries Coordinator Update

Community Ministries Coordinator – Anticipated Opening – Fall 2017

Dear Friends,
I want to thank all who shared thoughts about the proposed Community Ministries Coordinator (CMC) position.  The Trustees met last week and your ideas and questions were figured prominently in our discussion of this position and how we should move forward.  Carrie presented a draft of a posting for the position which we discussed and modified.  We decided to post the position as of July 17th in a variety of places both locally and nationally as an “anticipated” opening as we all continue to discuss this significant change in our church.  You can see the posting by clicking on this LINK which I encourage you to do.  We also established an interviewing and hiring committee for the CMC to be chaired by President-elect, Amy Mellencamp.

We will continue to craft a specific job description that is clear, yet flexible, as we participate in this discussion that we have begun as we re-imagine our faith community in the new context of staffing the church with the leadership of one clergy person serving as our sole minister working with lay leaders and a strong staff team.  After we hire the Community Ministries Coordinator, we will continue to evaluate the job description and the goals of the position.  We have undertaken a significant task but I am confident that if we work together, listen to each other, and seek spiritual guidance, we will reach the destination that we seek: a vital, thriving, faithful church community for all generations.  To help propel our conversation forward, the Adult Christian Education Committee plans to offer a book study this fall about “re-imagined” churches in the 21st century.

Several of you submitted comments expressing concern that the process of searching for a Community Ministries Coordinator would delay our search for a new minister.  I want to assure you that we will not be delayed.  The Board of Trustees and the Board of Deacons will be meeting on Sunday, July 23 to begin the process of putting together a search committee for a new settled minister.  We expect to have that committee in place by September 10th.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Peace be with you,
Steve Hyde, Church President

On behalf of the Trustees: Amy Mellencamp, President-Elect; Tara Gauding, Past-President; Bob Wolf, Treasurer; Linda Elrick, Clerk; and Trustees at Large: Janice Claypoole, Susan DeClue, Mandy Grace, Simon Jorgensen, and Mike Knauer.



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