Settled Minister Search Committee

Our Settled Minister Search Committee is working with the congregation to craft our church profile.

What is the Church Profile?
       The profile document that the committee is working on is newly developed by the national UCC.  It is the primary document that every ministerial candidate will review when considering whether to apply for this call and it is critical to our search process that it accurately portrays our current congregation.
      The profile asks excellent questions. To answer them honestly and thoroughly, our committee and our congregation needs to “dig into” the process and figure out how to portray our many strengths and our goals for the future.  There will be opportunities for various committees to reflect on our church’s current positions relative to areas such as finance, mission, and membership over the next few weeks.  Most important will be the input from the wider congregation on the “essay” questions in the profile to ensure it accurately portrays who we are and what we are looking for in a settled Minister.
      We are committed to completing this process and trust you will help us gather the information to complete the profile.  We look forward to your participation in the process. Our committee is actively establishing a timeline to move this process as efficiently as possible and will share this with you in an upcoming update.
      The big questions that we will be addressing in the church profile are:
“Who are we now?”
– “Who is our neighbor?”
– “Who is God calling us to become?”
– “Who is God calling to Minister with us?”
       Representatives of our Search Committee met with members of the congregation in December and in January to begin gathering input for writing the church profile.  We will soon announce additional opportunities to meet directly with members of the Settled Minister Search Committee to discuss the questions that we need to answer to complete the Church Profile.
In January we are focusing on the question:                  
“Who are we?”
       Please help us describe “who we are as a congregation” by identifying important events in our church history and the impact of these events on who we are today.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas and questions during our announced gatherings and by email or in conversation with members of the search committee.
       Please speak with one of our committee members (listed below) &/or email your answers, thoughts, and questions to the Settled Minister Search Committee at [email protected] (or U.S. mail comments/questions to our attention at the Church Office).   Thank you!   
Settled Minister Search Committee:
Rob Backus, Matt Bushey, Janice Claypoole, Jeff Comstock, Libby Elder-Connors,
David Grace, Cyndy Hall, Mike Knauer, James LaPierre, Mary McKearin, Cleophace Mukeba, Ann Vivian and Chair: Susan Ellwood.
LINK to November 3, 2017 Letter from Settled Minister Search Committee Chair, Susan Ellwood
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