You will soon be receiving our snazzy new Stewardship brochure with a narrative budget and pledge card in the mail.  It tells our story of the good work we do together in God’s name.  We hope it inspires you to make a generous pledge supporting our church in the coming year.  As you consider what support you can give to our church’s mission and ministry, please remember we have raised member gifts in the amount of $13,425 that will match ALL NEW PLEDGES and ALL INCREASED PLEDGES (until the member funds are exhausted). This is a great opportunity to put our church on sound financial footing for the year ahead. Please help us unlock the member funds with your pledge!

Witnessing Stewards will speak over the next three Sundays about why your pledge matters, large or small.  If you want to learn more about our narrative budget, matching gifts, or share in some conversation about stewardship, please join us following the 10AM services on 4/22 & 4/29 for a short Powerpoint presentation (in the Stone Room.) We will also have a table at the coffee hours with copies of all Stewardship materials.

To make your pledge, go to the church website where you can fill out a pledge form online. Or, you can cut out the pledge card in the Stewardship brochure and bring it or mail it back to the church office by May 6th.

Thanks for your commitment to our mission and ministry!

-Mike Knauer

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