Front Step Reconstruction Winds Down

Replacement of the old (and crumbling) stone steps in front of the Sanctuary is nearing completion!  Work will be wrapping up the week of July 30th right on schedule!  Project scope also included foundation waterproofing and sidewalk modifications.  Our mason Matthew Karlin and his crew have done a great job and been easy to work with.

The old step stone is Isle LaMott Limestone from the Fisk Quarry and were original to building the brick sanctuary in 1842… in fact the building’s foundation stone is also built with the same limestone.   The Fisk Quarry site mined an ancient fossilized reef, and a number of different types of fossils can be found in our steps and foundation stone.  (read: “Paleozoic Vermont”, Smithsonian Magazine, Jan 2007, and Vermont geology).

A number of members and others have purchased old stone pieces for gardens, steps, and benches.  Some of the remaining may still be available… inquire at 655-2949.  A pile of smaller stone fragments has been set aside for church school fossil hunters!

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