Dear Friends,

As the flowers finally begin to bloom and birds warble their annual mating calls, Spring has finally embraced us. The church is celebrating this renewal of life with Celebration Sunday on May 5.

Over the last weeks, through Person to Person contacts, illuminating conversations have taken place in homes, on the phone and over coffee or meals. Those conversations have been stimulating and challenging, as folks have felt free to express their pleasure, their frustrations, and their visions. Those who have listened and responded have enjoyed the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. All of these conversations are preparing the ground for new growth. We have learned so much from these visits, and have gained ideas about how we wish to move forward as a congregation and support one another in mutual ministry. We are, all of us, gardeners, planting and nurturing one another as we grow together towards what the future holds for us.

On Sunday, May 5, we will celebrate who we are as a community and what, together, we are doing to nourish and sustain the glorious garden that is us. During worship, all will be invited to come forward to offer some expression of their generosity. Many, who have not yet had the opportunity to present their pledges, can do so. Others may present their first offering for the New Year. Everyone of any age will be invited to fill out a green card where they can offer some expression of their generosity including a good deed they wish to carry out, a gift of money or time, a prayer, something for which they are thankful. You will also have the chance to write the name of someone who has been generous in your life. In short, all are welcome and all may participate. At the end of worship, we will have a celebration reception in the chapel. It will be a great day.

Many ask how we are doing. The returns so far have been encouraging. We have 75% of our goal but we still need to raise approximately $103,000. We are still waiting to hear from many households.. We need everyone to participate and give their best in order to properly support the mission of our church and put us on a strong financial footing.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this wonderful church and tilling so well the garden of our hopes and dreams.

May the peace of Christ be with you.

Rev. Peter Cook and Rev. Adrianne Carr

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