Stewardship Update

Greetings from Stewardship!

We are well into our Stewardship 2014-15 campaign, and it’s progressing nicely thanks to everyone who has helped and provided leadership over the past few months.

Our Cottage Meetings concluded last week and were well-attended.  Thank you to all who hosted the meetings in their homes, the facilitators who communicated the message and provided leadership, and the folks who attended!  We received a lot of great feedback and ideas from all sessions.  If you did not attend and would like to hear the presentation, it’s available as a recording on the Stewardship 2014-15 web page, as well as the Cottage Meeting Handout so you can follow along.

This week, we are in the next phase of mailing out packets to the members who were unable to attend.  You should receive it this week (thank you, Chrissy!).  Additional packets and pledge cards will be available around the Church over the next few weeks in case you did not receive one. We are also pleased to offer a secure online pledge form through which you may submit your pledge electronically.

We have slightly over a week until Consecration Sunday (April 6th), when we hope to have all pledges turned in. It should be a wonderful celebration of the Church and we hope all will attend.

Following Consecration Sunday, the Prudential Committee and Trustees will prepare a budget, based on the actual pledges received, which will be presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting.  As you can see, this pledging period is extremely important for determining the mission of the church in 2014-15.

Again, our goal this year is to raise an additional $58,000 in pledges over last year to support our ministries. In order to meet this goal, we need:

  • People who pledged last year to pledge this year and increase their pledge.
  • People who gave to the operating budget last year but did not pledge to give again and hopefully pledge.
  • People who have never pledged or are recently new to the church to make a pledge.
  • We hope to have 100% participation to achieve our goal this year.

Please help us achieve our goal, and many thanks to everyone who supports First Congregational Church.

The Stewardship Committee,
Mike Knauer, Bob Wolf, Kim Wichert, Cyndy Hall, Jennie Coleman, Pat Heise

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