Stewardship Update

We wish to thank each and every person for your contributions and support of First Congregational Church. Each gift and pledge is much appreciated and valued. As we near our May Trustee meeting and the budget hearing in preparation for the church’s Annual Meeting, we would be most grateful to have knowledge of your intention to make a pledge for our 2014 to 2015 budget. Receiving a pledge is tremendously helpful to our ability to plan for the coming year.

We are striving to reach our goal of $508,000. As of this writing, we have received $418,695 in pledges from 190 households. However, we are still waiting to hear from approximately 50 households, many of whom pledged last year and we are hoping will pledge this year. A smaller portion of the remaining households constitute those who have been giving to the church but did not make a pledge in the last year. Having an actual pledge is enormously helpful in creating a budget that helps the church move forward. While we are grateful for every gift we receive, we are hopeful that some who give but do not currently pledge, will consider making a pledge this year.

If you intend to pledge, please fill out our online pledge form. We would also be happy to mail you another stewardship packet, if so desired, and paper pledge forms are available at church and from the church office (862-5010). If you are already automatically paying from your checking account or debit/credit card, please let us know if you would simply like to continue.

If you are not sure you wish to pledge or have questions or concerns, please let us know. As we build toward the future, your suggestions and candid feedback are welcome and appreciated, and will help us improve our ministry together.

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