A Special Invitation: Celebrating Rev. Adrianne Carr

Dear Friends,
Please help us to honor, celebrate and thank the Reverend Adrianne Carr for 18 years of faithful service and ministry. We hope you all will join us for the following special events. We look forward to seeing you!

We are inviting you to send cards and letters for Adrianne with your thoughts, thanks, memories and well-wishes.
Additionally, we are inviting donations for a financial gift for Adrianne. Cards may be mailed in to the church or brought to Chrissy in the Church Office. Checks may be made payable to First Congregational Church; MEMO: Retirement Gift, or you may give online through our website (select “Associate Minister Retirement Gift”).
As we have a wonderful volunteer who will be gathering your cards and letters into a memory book for Adrianne, please submit your cards and letters as early as possible, or by Sunday, September 7 at the First Church Homecoming Picnic. Cards and letters will, of course, be accepted after this date, but they will have a better chance of making it into the memory book if received on or before September 7th. Thank you!
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