Easter Message from Rev. Lee Moore

Easter FlowersDear First Church Family and Friends,

On February 7th, we celebrated, to the day, the founding of our Church. The exact date of our founding was February 7, 1805. On that day we became a Family of Faith planted here in downtown Burlington. Throughout the 211 years since, we have been bound together by our common faith that Jesus is the Christ, the one sent to us by the living God to be our Savior, model and guide. And guide us he will, especially when the going gets tough and our vision is blurred.

Our faith is an ancient faith. Our faith has helped centuries of followers move through productive, faith-filled lives on to death and then the glorious gift of the Resurrection to eternal life. We are blessed with wonderful examples of the faithful lives of scores of famous people. If you pause for a moment in your reading you can think of the names and stories of their faithful following of the teachings of Jesus.

If you pause for another moment you can think of the names and stories of everyday people—friends and family of yours who are real time examples of lives bolstered by a personal belief in Jesus and the following of his teachings. Yet another pause and you can think of the children and teens who make up the younger set of our beloved First Church. They need a healthy and vibrant church to call “their church!” We owe it to them and to each other to make sure that our Church thrives on into the future.

To carry on that tradition of faithful families we need your help. We need your prayers. We need your participation, and “yes” we need your financial support. In order to continue to provide a strong and faithful witness in our Community we are called to respond with renewed enthusiasm to meet the needs of our Congregation. We are very close to ending this fiscal year in the black, so please give generously!

A robust Lenten/Easter Offering will help us to accomplish the goal of a balanced budget at the end of this fiscal year. A generous response to our Stewardship Campaign will ensure that our next year will be even more productive as we nourish the faith in each other. Together we can build worship attendance, provide learning opportunities for adults, youth and children and reach out in our mission efforts to make God’s world a better and more faithful place for all our world’s sisters and brothers to live. Please join together as our faith family in helping First Church become all that she is called to be. To give online, please click here (scroll down to the Easter category and select “Easter Operating Fund Gift”).

Special announcement: This Easter Sunday, March 27th, we will have only one service of worship at 10:00 a.m. Parking will be tight so please use the Parking Garage if you are able, and leave our Church lot for those who need to park close.

Wishing all our Church Family a blessed Lent and Easter Season and a wonderful new Church year,

Lee A. Moore, Bridge Senior Pastor

Information about our Easter Mission and Easter Flower Offerings is available by clicking here. You may donate online for either purpose by clicking here.

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