You’re Invited: Living Room Conversations

thankful scrabbleDear Friend:

Is it possible to breathe new life into an “old” church? You bet it is! But, who is to say that we at First Church are an “old” church? The age of our building is one reality; the age of our church family is entirely different! Our First Church members are, in fact, young in hope and in spirit with the commitment and energy we need to achieve the goals we set for ourselves!

So…this year we invite each member and friend of our congregation to celebrate who we are and what we care about by meeting together in our homes and in our church building to think about our next year and the many years to come.

In these Living Room Conversations we will have the opportunity to:

  • Be informed and inspired as we meet with other members who share their commitment to our church family;
  • Ask questions and share hopes with other members and friends;
  • Explore how we, as individuals, can be a vital part of our congregation’s life;
  • Think about how our giving can strengthen the life of our church family!

Our first step in “Living Thankfully – Giving Thankfully” is to join other church members in informal meetings that are hosted and led by church members. We invite you to sign up for the meeting that best fits your location and schedule by clicking here. A hard copy form is also available on Sundays or at the church office.

Your Stewardship Committee:
Cyndy Hall, Chair; Susan Saunders, Caroline Crawford, Tony Hall, Pat and Ray Harwick

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