5th Sunday Worship: A New Tradition


5th Sunday Worship: A New Tradition Begins!
* What is a 5th Sunday?  Occasionally there are 5 Sundays in a month. Three occur before Jazz Sunday in June 2017: October 30, January 29, and April 30.  (Calls for recognition, don’t you think?)

On October 30th, is the launch of member-created and led 5th SUNDAY Worship!  For this year’s “extra” Sundays, the Worship Committee has renamed the sermon time: “Our Stories”.  Carol Ann Wooster, Rob Backus, and Susan Saunders will each share a brief story from their faith journey during this time in our first 5th SUNDAY Worship on October 30, 2016.

Why “Our Stories”?  Others have said, and we agree: In sharing our individual stories, we will better understand our common story as a community of faith.

The “Our Stories” model will continue on 5th Sundays through this program year.  We welcome participation – if you are interested in telling yout faith story, please let one of the Worship Committee know of your interest.  The Worship Committee would also appreciate your ideas and constructive comments as we develop this worship concept of occasional lay-led worship.

Blessings!  Worship Committee: Ann Vivian, Dawn Plante, Gail Compton, Rev. Sally May

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