Trustee Tidings – September 2017

September 2017: Trustee Tidings

The Trustees met on September 12th with a very full agenda. To start things off Steve Hyde offered a few thoughts about the board’s work for the upcoming church year. He said that a priority for him was to build a strong sense of community within the congregation. He also suggested that as the reorganization process has progressed it has become clear that the Board of Trustees will need to function more as a work group than an advisory board as we become more of a laity led church.
Several reports and updates on various projects were given. Bob Wolf gave the Treasurer’s report in which he indicated that although there had been some savings and unexpected income, $2,176 from the Women of the Church, it is too early in the FY to conclude that we have solved our deficit problem. Steve Hyde reported that a search committee, to call a new settled minister, had been formed, Susan Ellwood had agreed to chair it and that the make-up of committee would be announced at both services on September 17th. It was also reported that the search for the Community Ministries Coordinator was down to two finalists and that a final decision would be made soon. The up-coming Congregational meeting regarding the operating budget for FY 2017-18 was also discussed.
New business included a proposal to form a youth choir with a paid leader. There was much discussion focusing on process and funding, which ultimately led to a decision not to support the program as proposed. Other new business included: the approval a $5,000 draw, from allocated I&T monies, for post-secondary school scholarships, the announcement of the Ministry Fair that was planned for Sunday, September 17th after each service, support for the exploration of having an outside company produce a new member photo directory, the announcement of a UCC event on October 14th that would focus on church growth and the need to put together a team to attend.
It was a lengthy meeting with thoughtful discussion around some very difficult topics that we as a church are facing. Unfortunately, as is often the case, there was not enough time to have that same level of discussion about all of the issues on the agenda. But those important issues will not be forgotten and will be dealt with the same level of thoughtfulness.

Steve Hyde, Church President

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