Sacred Spaces ~ Alternative Worship ~ Sundays at 5 p.m.

at “First Church”  –  SUNDAYS at 5 p.m.
Please accept and share this invitation
to a new model for worship, a new way of
creating sacred space in community:
     Sacred Spaces is starting the summer with a series on Worship. What is worship? Why do we worship? What makes worship meaningful… or not?
     As we look to the future of “church,” this new series will create space for us to think critically about one of its key elements – worship- and explore ways to make it meaningful and relevant for where people are in their lives today.
     We are looking forward to a time of rich discussion and growing closer as a community. Join us every Sunday at 5 p.m. (get there early for snacks and drinks!). Community Ministries Coordinator, Ava Kelly sends out a weekly email update with themes, music, and materials for reflection. If you’d like to be on that list, email her at [email protected]
Weather permitting… we’ll enjoy the church grounds as our Sanctuary for “Sacred Spaces.”
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