Weather Concerns – Updates for Sunday Jan. 20

Weather & Travel Concerns – Updates for Sunday January 20
  • Your safety is our first concern.
  • The snow storm is challenging – it is extremely cold – and driving is reported to be hazardous this morning.
  • Many church programs are cancelled – the details are below.
  • There will be a 10 a.m. worship service
    •   David Neiweem says: “I am sorry to say – I could not clear my driveway and am unable to get to church.  Though I am cancelling Sanctuary Choir this morning, I am sure that those who gather will sing!”
  • Be aware that parking may be limited as the parking garages are used by Burlington residents during snow storms with parking bans.

What’s NOT happening on Sunday January 20?

  • The 8 a.m. worship service is cancelled.
  • Additional cancellations:
    • Sanctuary Choir
    • Children’s Choir
    • Youth Choir
    • Drum Choir
    • The Nursery/Toddler/PreSchool Room will not be staffed this morning.
    • The sale of “Part Two” Pick-A-Party Tickets for Winter and Spring Parties has been delayed until Sunday, January 27 – before and following the 10 a.m. worship service.
  • The 5 p.m. Sacred Spaces worship service is cancelled
What IS happening on Sunday January 20?
10 a.m. Worship:
  • Preacher: We are serving as a neutral pulpit this morning – our preacher is a candidate to serve as an associate minister with a Vermont UCC congregation (details below).  Members of our Worship Committee will assist in leading the worship service.
  • Rev. Carrie Bail will not be in this morning as she is with family mourning the death of her brother.

10:20 a.m.  – Any Middle School Youth and Grade K thru 5 children present will meet with Becky Johnston and Caroline Sheehan following the “Word of God for All Ages” – they will watch a cartoon video of Esther (Linked HERE for home viewing!) as a fun, informal introduction to the upcoming unit focused on the Book of Esther.

11 a.m. – Fellowship gathering with refreshments in the Chapel

     Our search for a settled minister candidate was aided by the Vermont UCC congregations that quietly served as “neutral pulpits” for candidates to preach with our Settled Minister Search Committee present in the congregation.
On Sunday, January 20th at 10 a.m. we will have the opportunity to quietly support a Vermont UCC congregation that is searching for a minister by serving as a place for their candidate to preach. Please join us for this worshipful opportunity to support a “sister” Vermont UCC congregation.  Thank you!

JANUARY 20 MLK EVENT POSTPONED: The 3 p.m. Martin Luther King Day Remembrance Event featuring Dr. Michael Eric Dyson has been postponed.  When the event is re-scheduled we will be in touch to update you and will have free tickets available.

Message from the New Alpha Missionary Baptist Church: Given the extreme weather advisory and plunging temperatures New Alpha is canceling its worship service for tomorrow January 20th.  Blessings, see you all next Sunday,
Deacon Jarvis

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and patience.
Stay warm and safe!
Lucy Samara, Communications Coordinator

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