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Jason Vanderlaan

Youth Leader | [email protected]

As the Rev. Elissa Johnk shared in worship on 9.11.22, after a year of working together, Jason Vanderlaan is now officially on the staffs of both First Church and the College Street Church as our shared Youth Ministries Leader.  Along with the Rev. Ken White of CSCC, our Director of Faith Formation, Hilah Clarke, and the Rev. Elissa Johnk have been, and will continue to, collaborate and work with Jason to provide excellent faithful, fun and meaningful programs for youth in middle school and high school from both congregations.

Jason writes: “I’m really excited about this school year and the joining together of the CSCC and FCCB youth groups! Over the past year, it has been inspiring to see the youth connect, build relationships, serve together, and pray and play alongside each other. And as we head into this next year with even more intentional collaboration, I know this potential will only continue to grow. We have so many fantastic opportunities on the calendar for our youth and I can’t wait see them grow in relationship with each other, the community, and God.”  

BIO: Jason Vanderlaan loves to pray and play, and is excited to be a part of the team as Youth Ministry Leader for our combined youth ministry program with the College Street Congregational Church.

After graduating with a BA in Theology, he has served as hospital chaplain, boys’ dean, teacher, business manager, communications coordinator, and pastor. Jason is passionate about creativity, storytelling, and all the practical, empowering connections the way of Jesus has to our everyday lives. He is especially inspired by working with youth, who have such a diverse and engaging spirit of energy and exploration.

Jason also enjoys adventuring with his wife, Natanya and their son, Luther – hiking, canoeing, discovering new places or foods or ideas. He loves live music, red foxes, and tacos.

Welcome to FirstChurchBTV Jason!

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