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Care for the Church

Care for the Church includes taking care of the congregation and member concerns, maintaining the church facility and grounds, and supporting church programs and operational costs. Outreach Ministries Calendar

Parish Visiting

A small group of volunteers are given the names of homebound individuals and visit once or twice a month; either in homes or assisted living facilities. The volunteers meet regularly with the ministers to update them on particular needs of those visited. These visits are an important ministry of the church and a source of pleasure both to those who visit and those who are visited. The Ministers also visit members in the hospital and bring communion to those who request the sacrament. Please contact the office if you know of someone who would appreciate a visit.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Volunteer knitters in the church have been making Prayer Shawls for a number of years. When an individual is in some form of crisis such as serious illness or grief over a loved one’s death, a shawl is delivered. Often the person delivering the shawl reads a lovely prayer that invokes God’s encircling love while placing the shawl on the recipient’s shoulders. Anyone who is aware of someone in need of a shawl is welcome to choose one and deliver it. Those knitters who are interested in getting together are invited to come to a monthly Prayer Shawl Ministry group get together. Outreach Ministries Calendar.

Clean-Up Days

Each fall and spring, there is an all-church Clean-Up Day; individuals and small groups garden, paint, and clean as well as make small repairs… and have fun together, too! Please contact office for more information.


In 2009 First Church used the funding from a successful Capital Campaign to make much needed renovations and implemented a range of energy saving strategies, including installation of a new mechanical system. Even so, because of the high traffic in and out of the church, small repairs are needed on a regular basis. So, our building manager monitors where repairs are needed and coordinates a large corps of volunteers who help to keep the church facilities in good order. Using their expertise these members have been instrumental in saving considerable amounts of money over the years.

Financial Support

The main source of revenue to support operating and maintenance costs comes through pledges and gifts made to First Church. Each year the Stewardship Committee reminds members how critically important it is for them to use a portion of their financial resources in support of the staff, programs and mission of the church. Through both volunteer efforts and the generosity of members, the church maintains a strong presence in the Burlington community. Click here for Stewardship information.

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