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STEWARDSHIP is GIVING to FIRST CHURCH: The ministries and missions of First Congregational Church UCC of Burlington rely on the pledges and support of all of our members and friends.

See below for information about giving online and via check – about any current special offerings – and about making a pledge to support First Church during 2023 and about how to make a 2024 pledge.  Thank you.

Online/E-Giving & Giving by Check: One-time donations & recurring pledges  – all of your donations fuel the missions and ministries of First Congregational Church.

TO GIVE ONLINE – connect to First Congregational Church’s secure Online/E-Giving system by clicking here.  Use the drop-down menu provided in “Fund” to designate your donation.YOU CAN TEXT A DONATION to FCCBUCC to 73256 – standard text message rates apply.

Or… GIVE by CHECK – made payable to First Congregational Church (to designate a specific use – such as the Pastoral Care Fund – or a special offering – use the MEMO line on your check) and mail to: First Congregational Church, 38 South Winooski Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401


Stewardship 2024 – Together we will…


The Rev. Elissa Johnk’s November 10 Letter to the Congregation:

Together we will…

One of the most common laments today is about the division in American society – between generations, parties, classes, and neighbors. Here at First Church, we have members from both sides of the political aisle. We have kids in their first few months of life, almost 40 active children, and members who have been here 8 decades. We have folks who own multiple homes, and those who are homeless. And while we might not agree on everything, we do agree on one thing: the importance of being together.

It is, in fact, a sacred responsibility. In the Hebrew Bible, we are charged to set aside the sabbath as a day of “sacred assembly.” Even in the first century, when gathering wasn’t safe, Paul wrote that we were not to “neglect gathering,” but rather to “encourage one another, and continually consider how to spur one another to love and good deeds.”

Gathering is the way we express, practice, and grow our faith. And gather we have. In 2023, we have averaged almost 100 for worship in the building, and over 125 (!) online. We have gathered for benefit dinners, breakfasts, cooking competitions, and simple meals. We have gathered for concerts, art receptions, dragon-boating, discernment and retreat. We have gathered for worship in just about every room in the church, as well as by the lake, on the lawn, downtown in service, and with College Street down the road.

I firmly believe this is why First Church is thriving…    CLICK HERE to read more of the Rev. Elissa Johnk’s message


Jack Lynch comments on his path to faith
and stewardship at First Church.
Dear Friends,

Just like almost every other year at First Church it has been a busy and productive one. I expect that next year will be no different. It has been so because of your generosity with your financial resources and your time and talents. I don’t want to minimize the importance of financial gifts but money alone does not make a church vibrant and alive, or answer God’s call to us as believers. As such, I would like to shine a light on the service that many of you have given to First Church and make that an equal focus with financial gifts for this stewardship campaign.

In support of that, I ask you to complete both sides of the pledge card, which will be available to you on Sunday November 5 at church or the following week in the mail. One side for a financial commitment and the other side for a commitment of a given number of hours of service to the church. And, as we have done for financial pledgers, we would like your permission to share your name on the midway bulletin board or be identified, or as anonymous.

For me Stewardship is about passing on the gifts, monetary and/or personal, that have been bestowed on me to create something in community much greater than I could create on my own. The theme of this year’s stewardship campaign is “Together We Will …” Please join me in this sacred endeavor and together we will serve others, as Jesus called upon us to do.

Thank you,
Steve Hyde, Stewardship Team, Co-Chair


Together we will…

Dear Friends,A while ago, actually nearly four decades ago, I visited the Possibility Shop with a donation, and quite unexpectedly asked if I could work there. To this day I am still sorting, tagging, and displaying our donated merchandise at low prices with a fabulous team of committed volunteers. Yes, we do have fun while we work together serving those in need twice a week. The money raised from Possibility Shop sales is used to help the church financially with needed projects. What a team!

Service is the life and heart of our congregation.

Pam Meaker, Stewardship Team, member


2024 Stewardship Campaign: The First Congregational Church Stewardship Campaign will begin on Sunday November 5, 2023 and will support the missions and ministries budget for 2024.  Pledges of financial resources – as well as time and talent – will be invited for the 2024 year beginning November 5.

  • You are invited to be part of the mission and ministries of First Church. Come to the Ministry Fair to learn about many options to participate.
  • The Ministry Fair will be in our Chapel (first floor) following worship.

Welcome to Stewardship 2023:

Stewardship Team Chair, Steve Hyde welcomes the congregation to “Stewardship 2023 during worship on October 30 (video: 3 minutes). 

The Rev. Elissa Johnk’s November 2022 letter to the congregation:

Faith, without works, is dead. 

At least, so writes James, brother of Jesus in his letter to the earliest Christians. If you have faith, but it is not shown in your life, what is the point? If it serves only you, is it really faith – of the Jesus-following kind – at all? These are the questions of our stewardship season, and they are the questions of the Gospel itself. If it is in God we trust, then how is it that with God we do? …  CLICK HERE to read more

PLEDGING for 2023:  Our church leaders and Stewardship Team are inviting your 2023 pledges in support of the ministries and missions of First Congregational Church.

  • CLICK HERE to open the 2023 Stewardship Brochure
  • CLICK HERE to make your 2023 pledge to First Church online  – OR – you can pledge thru your First Church Realm Account.  If you have yet to access your First Church Realm Account – please contact our Office Manager, Caroline Catlin at [email protected]
  • Or… MAIL in your pledge using the pledge card linked below – or – please request a printed copy from the Church Office (802 862 5010, ext. 4).
  • CLICK HERE to access a printable copy of the pledge card to print and mail.
  • CLICK HERE to complete a Time & Talent Pledge Card for 2023. We are also inviting you to pledge your time/talents in support of the missions and ministries of First Church.

Thank you!

2022 Stewardship Messages


2021 Stewardship Videos


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