First Church Responds to COVID-19: Guidelines & Updates

As people of faith, we understand that Science, Math and Reason are all gifts of God.  As such, we trust the research that indicates we must do our part to flatten the curve.  All of this has informed our decisions to do our part to lessen the advance of the Coronavirus. We are implementing the practices urged by the CDC , W.H.O., and the Vermont Health Department, doing our very best to protect the health of all.    


UPDATES FROM OUR REGATHERING TEAM: Our Team continues to meet regularly. The fall 2022 update to our guidelines includes recommended (rather than required) mask wearing for all over age two in the church building. In October of 2022 our Regathering Team adjusted our guidelines to permit food and beverages in the building.

  •  CLICK HERE to read the Rev. Elissa Johnk’s September 16, 2022 letter that addresses the fall regathering guideline changes that moved to make masks recommended inside the church building.
  • CLICK HERE for information about our guidelines adjusting on October 14, 2022 to allow food and beverages inside the church building



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