Celebrating Adrianne’s Ministry!

Adrianne’s Celebratory Adieu! 

Plans are progressing for our congregation’s celebration in honor of our longtime Associate Minister (since 1996!), the Rev. Adrianne Carr, as she retires from her ministry at First Congregational Church. Adrianne knows the date but not the details!

Mark your calendar to include a great Open-House Celebration Party at First Congregational Church from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday, September 27 and a special worship service at 10am on Sunday, September 28, followed by a lovely reception in honor of Adrianne. Please read the details below to find the variety of ways you can participate in celebrating Adrianne’s ministry at First Church… starting this month, August!

The Secret Ingredients to
Adrianne’s Special Celebration:

CARDS, LETTERS AND GIFTS, OF COURSE! We are inviting you to send cards and letters for Adrianne with your thoughts, thanks, memories and well-wishes.

Additionally, we are inviting donations for a financial gift for Adrianne. Cards may be mailed in to the church or brought to Chrissy in the Church Office. Checks may be made payable to First Congregational Church; MEMO: Retirement Gift, or you may give online through our website (select “Associate Minister Retirement Gift”).

As we have a wonderful volunteer who will be gathering your cards and letters into a memory book for Adrianne, please submit your cards and letters as early as possible, or by Sunday, September 7 at the First Church Homecoming Picnic. Cards and letters will, of course, be accepted after this date, but they will have a better chance of making it into the memory book if received on or before September 7th. Thank you!

A Flash From the Past?  Lucy Samara is gathering photos from Adrianne’s 18 years in ministry with us at First Congregational Church to make a special DVD to play during Adrianne’s Saturday, September 27 Celebration!

Do you have a favorite picture to share? Please send any digital photos (JPEG format) to Lucy as soon as possible – ideally before Labor Day weekend.  Do you have a print photo that needs to be scanned? Do you have an amazing slide of Adrianne, and need a way to make a digital copy? If yes, please be in touch with Lucy to make arrangements. Thank you!

Something Special from Everyone
Caroline Edmunds is working on a special gift from all of us to present to Adrianne on Saturday, September 27! This project includes an opportunity for a large number of people to add a personal message, memory or signature. Your participation will help this beautiful gift be truly personal for Adrianne.

Interested in participating or learning more? The instructions are simple but the time available to participate is brief – Caroline will need your input by or before Friday, August 22. There are several ways to get the information about how to take part in this special gift:

  1. You may access a PDF document with instructions here. Follow the very simple directions and return your submission to the Church Office by August 22.
  2. We can email you a PDF document with instructions; please contact Chrissy to a request a copy.
  3. You can drop by an information table at church between 9 and 10am and following the 10am worship on Sunday, August 3, 10 or 17 and complete your submission – or take it home to complete and return later.
  4. You can stop in at the Church Office, Tuesday through Friday, 9am – 4pm and pick up the information.
  5. Call Chrissy in the Church Office at 862-5010 and she will send you the information by mail!

All submissions are due by mail or email to Caroline, or at the Church Office, by Friday, August 22.  Thank you!

Party Supporters Invited!  We need volunteers to donate cookies, finger foods and more for Saturday, September 27, or the Sunday, September 28 celebration events for Adrianne. If you can help, please email Gail Compton – or drop by the special gift table between 9 and 10am and immediately following the 10am worship service on August 3, 10 and 17 to sign up for a specific food item to donate. Thank you!

Adrianne’s Celebration Committee welcomes your participation, support, questions and suggestions. Please be in touch with our chair, Gail Compton (802-503-3947). Other organizers include: Janice Claypoole, Jennie Coleman, Karan Dewar, Linda Elrick, Donna Lee, Beth Morgan, David Neiweem, Ellen Pine, Danielle Rochford, and Lucy Samara.

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